Return (Rental Dresses)

You can choose to rent our dresses for 5, 7 or 10 days. If you selected the 5-day option and your rental period begins on a Monday, the dress needs to postmarked by Friday at 5pm EST. If the dress arrives before your chosen start date, feel free to count those extra days as complimentary. If you cannot make the return deadline, you may overnight the package at your own expense to ensure it arrives on time.  

Returning a Moviani rental dress is easy! Just follow these simple steps:
1. Neatly box up the dress in the original box.
2. Add the return label provided with your order. The dress does not need to be cleaned before you ship it—we take care of the dirty work.
3. Drop off the package at a Canada Post or USPS location. For return date/time details, please read the questions and answers above and below this one.

If the last day of your 5-, 7- or 10-day rental falls on a Sunday or holiday, please ship the package by 5pm EST the following day. Alternatively, you can schedule a pickup at your house for Monday or the day after the holiday.

While we appreciate the courteous gesture, we are unable to refund you or issue a credit for returning a dress before the end of your rental term. 

For every day the package is late, you will be charged 5% of the dress’ retail value. You will be capped at 100% of the retail value (and applicable taxes) after 20 days. 

We suggest you keep the box in a safe place and the label inside the box until you are ready to ship it back. Unfortunately, we cannot resend return labels. If you do lose yours, you are responsible for the return shipping fees. If you’ve misplaced or damaged the box, please send the dress back in an alternative box that can accommodate the dress. 

Yes, you can purchase a rental dress to keep forever! Best of all, the rental fee will be used as a credit toward the price of the dress. .

No. We will take care of dry cleaning and associated fees once we receive the dress. We kindly ask that you DO NOT clean the dress by any means while it’s in your possession. Please take care not to get the dress wet for cleaning purposes or otherwise.
If the dress arrives to you slightly wrinkled, you may use a steamer.
If you need to use pins for any reason, please make sure they are inserted and removed properly as to not damage the delicate fabric.