Sizing & Fit (Made-To-Measure Dresses)

Yes, all dresses are made-to-measure.

For too long, the fashion industry made you feel like it was your job to match their restrictive sizing. We say, no way! At Moviani, we ensure the dress you purchase fits your gorgeous body—not the other way around. In most cases, just provide us with your bust, waist, hip measurements and height, and we will have the dress tailored for an impeccable fit.

Please refer to our measuring guide here

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All dresses are made-to-measure. In other words, they will fit like a glove.

In that line of thought, please keep in mind that there is the possibility of body changes between when the measurements were taken and the time of receipt. (Weight loss, weight gain, surgery, etc)

However, the probability of that affecting the fitting is pretty slim considering that we mostly make corset back dresses. They are very tolerable to changes, within reason.

If the dress doesn't fit due to our mistake, we apologize in advance and will of course find a way to solve/fix the issue for you. Simply contact us ASAP ☺ (within 72 hrs of receipt).